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Interchangeable joints

Aug 27, 2021

Interchangeable joints

All products with joint under the LINEX brand, produced by Vilabo are interchangeable, meaning that ground parts can be changed between sets that remain airtight.

LINEX joints can be:

  • Conical joints bearing the acronym SJ, which stands for Standardized joint
  • Spherical joints that carry the acronym SJS, which means Spherical Standardized joint.

LINEX brand exchangeable conical joint are manufactured under the measures recommended by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Considering a conical ground SJ 24/29 means a cone with a diameter of 24 mm (part with the largest diameter of the cone) and 29 mm the height of the cone.

The joints most used by LINEX are the long series whose measures are:

·         5/13

·         7/16

·         10/19

·         12/21

·         14/23


·         19/26

·         24/29

·         29/32

·         34/35

·         45/50


Vilabo manufactures interchangeable joints, consult our website.