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Amber glass

Apr 19, 2022

Laboratory glassware in amber glass

What is his use?

In general all laboratory glassware is used in white glass, in order to have a clear visualization of the content of the piece however sometimes amber glass is needed for certain laboratory test involving the use of ultraviolet rays (UV).

These glass ensures that the content of the glass doesn’t get affected by the ultraviolet radiation.

What items are maded in yellow glass?

All Vilabo‘s articles can be maded in this colour by costumers request.

Amber glass can affect the precision of the glass?

No because this is a layer of ink that is puted on top of the white glass, so the accuracy of the materials is not affected.

Where is this glass used?

This glass is used namely in the fields of chemestry, certain types of industry, microbiology, industry and the pharmaceutical industry.