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ASTM Articles

Sep 3, 2021

Founded in 1898, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is an organization that develops performance standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems and services and is the world’s largest source of voluntary consensus standards.

The company operates through 132 essentially technical committees.

These committees operate under regulations that ensure uniformity of procedures among users, producers and stakeholders in general, consumers and participants.

ASTM is not a standardization organ and has the function of being the world’s largest entity in the development of technical standards for several areas of the industry used essentially in the standardization of materials, such as steel alloys, aluminum, polymers and fuels.

Today more than 12,800 ASTM standards operate globally.


Vilabo produces numerous articles to be used in the application of ASTM standards under the LINEX brand, namely:


  • Apparatus for determining sulfur in petroleum products (ASTM D 721);
  • Oil filter apparatus (ASTM D 721);
  • Engler distillation flask (ASTM E 133);
  • Erlenmeyer flask (ASTM D 126);
  • Balloon for saybolt viscometers (ASTM D 88);
  • Receiving tube (ASTM E 123);
  • Absorber (ASTM D 126);
  • Retention ampoule with conical ground finish (ASTM D 1226);
  • Carbon residue determination bulb (ASTM D 524);
  • Chimney (ASTM D 1266);
  • Graduated test tube (ASTM E 133);
  • Burner (ASTM D 1266)


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