VILABO – Laboratory Glassware | Av. Dr. José Henriques Vareda, nº 60 Marinha Grande 2430-037 PORTUGAL
Acerca da nossa empresa


Vilabo is a company situated in Marinha Grande witch produces and trades glassware to the scientific sector.

The history starts in the 1940’s, afther the second world war. The automation reaches the glassware production in a period of great economic expansion. The acumulated expirience in develop and na outstanding management makes VILABO a big reference the laboratory glassware production. Supplie the market using the best of the equipments, technics and a very motivated and an expirienced team was a good starting point.

In 1975, José Augusto Carolino consolidates his market position and his son, Edmundo Carolino, creates the industrial society VILABO and his brand LINEX. In 1997 the company iniciates his certification of quality. In 2005 there is a huge tecnology imporvement with boots the production to new levels.

With more tha seventy years of expirience Vilabo supplies the biotecnology, pharmaceutical and research sectors.


Our mission is to be recognised has a company that creats economical and social value in the long term, capable of creat benefits the scientific society and all that is relacionated to them, such as rise the volume of sells, and know how of the workers and number of workers.


The be known as a company that sells scientific glassware products at na affortable price to all companies, industries and institutions that need such products.