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How to use a burette

May 21, 2021

How to use a burette

The burette is a type of laboratory glassware used upright with the aid of a universal support, and it is used for the correct volumetric dosage of a reagent in a titration and they are calibrated to pour. At the bottom end the burette has a precision stopcok.

How to use:

  • Rinse the burette with the titrating solution that will be used and pour it out;
  • Place the burette in an appropriate support;
  • To fill the burette, close the tap and place a funnel on the upper end of it;
  • Fill the burette with the titrating solution to be used just above the zero mark (plus +/- 10 mm);
  • Fill the tip of the burette with the solution;
  • Make sure that there are no air bubbles inside the burette or near the stopcock;
  • If there are air bubbles, let the solution run until they are eliminated;
  • Clean the tip of the burette with water from a spray and then dry;
  • Wait about a minute to check that the burette is sealing well. After this verification, the titration process can begin. If necessary, finish filling the burette with the titrant;
  • To make a reading of the liquid level in the burette, the reading must be made by the tangent to the lower part of the meniscus, placing the eyes at that level, to avoid parallax errors.
  • Open the stopcok and then start adding solution to the titrate, with a certain “speed”, until close to the end point