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Laboratory flasks

May 30, 2023

Laboratory flasks

In the laboratory, the use of laboratory flasks is a very common practice. In general, they are used to mix solutions, measure the volume of liquid substances, or to heat solutions.
Let’s take a closer look at each of the following utensils:
Volumetric flask – this item is intended to make the measurement of liquid solutions in a very accurate way. It has a body where its capacity, tolerance, manufacturer’s mark, manufacturing standard, lot and emery are indicated. Its neck (upper part) has a line, which indicates its capacity, and on top is its ground glass.
Erlenmeyer flask – this item is quite versatile. Although it is not recommended for making an accurate measurement, the flask is used to mix solutions due to its shape. Due to its conical shape and narrow neck it has the ideal characteristics for this purpose. Additionally, it can be used for heating liquids. It also has the variants of wide neck and ground neck.
Round bottom flask – is a spherical flask which has a neck. This article is ideal for heating articles since, due to its shape, the heat of the solution is distributed uniformly over the surface of the article. It comes in the variant with a narrow or wide neck, and with 1 or more emery.

All the articles described are manufactured in borosilicate 3.3 glass.

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