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Laboratory Glassware

A complete range of products

60 years supplying research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Advanced patented technology

From Portugal to the world



Vilabo produces a large range of laboratory glassware. 

With more than 60 years in the market, we have a lot of expirience , knowledge and technical expertise witch had allowed us to produce a large range of products in the scientific glassware sector.

The accumulated expirience in develop more solutions the the Scientific Industry, more specifically in the manufacture of lab glassware with our own brand, LINEX.
We supplie the market with the best products witch are made with the best of the equippments and technics by a very strong and expirienced team of workers. One of our objectives is to represent Marinha Grande in the global market.



Linex by Vilabo

Decades of expirence, reshearching and quality products.

We developed our own brand, LINEX, witch is known by the industries as the result of many years of hard work to satisfy our clientes.

Vidro Linex

Our experience at the service of the Industry!!

Vilabo acts on the emergente markets of farmacy, biotechnology, educational and research. It’s has also na exclusive service that, on request, develop and produces solutions and glassware apparetus.


We have a large range of lab glassware, of all kinds, for industry, for schools and for the pharmaceutical sector.

Our range goes from volumetric articles (such as volumetric flaks, graduated cylinders and others) to general materials (like solids and Gay-Lussac pycnometer, erlenmeyer flaks), condensers (ball condenser, liebig condenser, spiral condensers, …) to non standard articles.


Vidro borosilicato din iso 3585

Borossilicate Glass


The LINEX laboratory glassware is a 3.3 borosilicate glass witch follows the DIN ISO 3585 standards. Properties (ISSO 3585:1998) and follows the most important norms, such as the: germans, the british, the american and the frech ones.
Our glass has the property to resist great temperature variations.

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