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More than 60 years testing the future

Linex is the reflection of the daily investment we apply in our production.

Thanks to our experience, knowledge, art and technical expertise, we are an international reference brand in the glass sector, scientific, technological and industrial, through the production of a diversified range of borosilicate glass 3.3 products.

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Porquê o uso de vidro birossilicato?

As peças constituídas por vidro borossilicato apresentam elevado grau de resistência, qualidade e não reação sobre susbtâncias ativas com que entram em contacto, resultando assim numa elevada aplicabilidade no meio científico e tecnológico.

Quando a ciência dos materiais é aplicada aos produtos de vidro, com o conhecimento e saber acumulados, o resultado são os produtos de vidro borossilicato de laboratório LINEX.

Os nossos produtos

Somos referência internacional na área do setor vidreiro, científico, tecnológico e industrial. Conheça a nossa vasta gama de produtos constituídos por vidro borossilicato.

Características do Vidro Borossilicato 3.3

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LINEX products

We are an international reference in the glass sector, scientific, technological and industrial. Discover our wide range of products made of borosilicate glass.


Our pieces, as well as having all the characteristics of borosilicate glass, are designed with our technical expertise, the result of the investment we apply daily in production.

When materials science is applied to glass products, with the accumulated knowledge and know-how, the result is LINEX laboratory borosilicate glass products.

Microscópio Linex


Resistência química


Elevada Resistência ao Choque Térmico


Elevada Resistência ao Choque Térmico


Elevada Resistência ao Choque Térmico


Linex Borosilicate Glass

LINEX glass is a Borosilicate glass 3.3 determined internationally according to DIN ISO 3585 – Borosilicate glass 3.3 – Properties (ISO 3585:1998) and respects the most important international standards: German, English, American and French.

It is characterised by very high chemical resistance and a minimal coefficient of thermal expansion and consequently high thermal shock resistance.

1. Production

The production process is based on our experience and technical expertise

2. Quality

LINEX products undergo multiple quality tests to meet the demands and needs of the market

3. Final selection

A careful selection process that guarantees maximum product safety and quality

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