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Volumetric Flask, what is it

Oct 6, 2020

What is it?

Volumetric Flask is a type of laboratory glassware that is very comon in chemestry labs. Is used to prepare and dilute precise volumes in a solution.
It’s very accurate and, in smaller volumes, the margino of error is almost nonexistent.
There are volumetric flasks of all kinds and the only difference is the capacity of each one.

How to use a Volumetric Flask?

Before the utilising of the volumetric flask we need to wash it. The solvente that is used in the preperation of the solution is used for the wash. We put some mililiters of that solution than we close the flask and shake it. Afther that we remove the liquid inside the flask and we repeat the process two more times.

Afther the cleaning we must select na apropriate equipment to transfer the amount of solution to flask, fot this we can use a Volumetric Pippete. We put the far end of the pippete over the flak’s mark and allow the liquid to move in the flak’s wall, to avoid that the liquid splash in the inside.

Afther this the volumetric flask needs to rest, in order of the resto f the liquid to come down from the flask’s walls.
We continue to add more solution right before the flask mark. Then we use a liquid dispenser, for instance a Pasteur Pipette, do add a few drops of solution. We stop when the bottom parto f the meniscos is lined up with the mark of the volumetric flask.

Then we close the flask and shake it in order to make the solution more homogeneous.